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Collin Cross was born in 1996. From the time he could walk Collin carried a briefcase almost everywhere he went. He was an eclectic synthesis of spontaneity, originality and pure, unadulterated, genius. He was a dreamer and adventurer. Always driven by the thrill of discovery, Collin scoured the spectrum of life with an open mind and entrepreneurial spirit.

In early 2017, Collin’s life was tragically cut short. In his honor, The Collin Cross Entrepreneurial scholarship was established and will be awarded to those who exemplify Excellence, Character, Passion and Tenacity.

4 Pillars of Mentoring


The recipient of this award should display a love of learning, a fascination with the world around them, and a deep yearning to be successful, in all areas of life. Collin was a remarkable engineer and was enamored with the methods of business.


The recipient of this scholarship demonstrates a selfless desire to help those around him/her who struggle with addiction, and is active in the fight to educate and prevent the grip of drugs in our modern society. Collin had a kind heart and was always eager to lend a hand and help those around him.


The awardee should exude a deep love and committal to trying and learning new things. This person desires to expand their horizons and fears no challenge. When presented with new material, often they are excited to dig in and learn new things. Collin’s most used resource was Youtube. He always looked forward to researching a wide array of new ideas and talents.


This recipient should demonstrate a pursuit of success with an infectious amount of ambition and drive. Being around this person will inspire you to explore untapped parts of your brain, and can spark an interest and desire to learn and reach new potentials. This person’s tenacity defines them and the way they approach life. Collin’s ambition inspired many to dream big and then chase those dreams with an insatiable pursuit.

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

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